The Weekday School at South Point United Methodist Church is located in beautiful Belmont, North Carolina and has been teaching children since 2004.

Our curriculum will provide your child with developmentally appropriate, high- quality activities to help your child grow and learn.  We strive to create a fun, learning-rich environment for your child.



At SPUMC Weekday School, we believe that play is the work of the child.  Children learn best when they are allowed to touch, manipulate, explore and make discoveries.  As children are invited to approach the world around them, according to their own developmental levels, they exhibit an attitude of self confidence and positive self-esteem.


We also believe that as children interact with developmentally appropriate toys (the tools of their work) and activities they begin building a foundation upon which successful lifetime learning can be achieved.


Finally, we believe that seeds of the Christian faith should be interwoven into a developmentally appropriate curriculum.  Incorporating values such as kindness, love for others, forgiveness and respect, while integrating stories of God’s word, contribute to the spiritual development of children as future members of the community of faith.  It is our firm belief and mission that it is imperative for us to help children develop and understand that nature of God, to see him in His creation, and in all areas of life.